In this work, I used a quote that was more of a showing of familial love. To show this, first, I used plants as a background, complimented with a gardenia flower, which represents familial love. I also used white writing to be more innocent and loving with the quote. Lastly, I used a cursive style for my typography to show grace and fanciness and bolded mother because that is the most important part of the quote
In this photo, the subject is faced sideways with a more serious or controlled expression on their face. The photo is more simulated like a portrait or a headshot. The light in this photo doesn’t really express anything. The background was bland so I used a gradient layer to make the background a fade of black from the bottom left to a light reddish-pink to the top right to make the background more interesting. To contrast the background, I used a brightness mask to make the subject seem lighter to make them stand out from the darker and more vibrant background. I used a hue/saturation layer to make the photo itself look more saturated to bring out more color.
In this photo, the topic is dungeons and dragons.I came up with this idea by really thinking about things that I have fun playing and can really be summed up in really simple standards. For pictures, after I trimmed the backgrounds out by using the Magic Wand and Magic Eraser tool, I used different kinds of people you would find in a role playing game and put a Five headed dragon in front of them that would symbolize the kind of end fight. In the background I used a volcano lair template to show the dragon's lair. For different assets, I used a dice to symbol the core mechanic of the game, which is rolling. I also used the D&D logo to show what game I am showing. Lastly, I used the horizontal text tool to write “Let's roll for Initiative” to put in an iconic line in D&D.
This photo is about my family and their likes. I came up with this by thinking about what they love to do in life and how they have fun. Firstly, I used a gradient background that goes from a light blue to white to show a cool color that is calm and light. I used two pictures to represent my family. I used a park photo to show how we love to go outside and just walk our dog. I also used a living room to represent that we just love to sometimes just sit inside and talk or just watch movies. The two photos I used were of my Mom and my dog and I used the Magic Wand and Eraser to erase the background. In between them I wrote a quote to say how every family may be very different but all have love in common to show that while we may not have a very large family, we all love each other dearly
For my project, I found my different clips on and used the Cigno sound, Rectified Drum, and Base Pack. During the mixing, I wanted it to start out with the fast-beating drums and the light popping sound as the main focus in the beginning and then increase the bass drums so that the lighter drums were beating in the background as a nice contrast to the base ones. I was trying to go for an upbeat and fast-paced sound that would make you want to dance or just head-bob to the